As you consider exterior upgrades to your home, you might find this brief checklist of value.  What we’ve tried to do is provide a baseline of attributes that we consider import when you are choosing a contracting company.  We recommend that you click on the “more info” links to obtain detail on the various attributes.

Key Contractor Attributes

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Civitella Contracting Co., Inc


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Over 50 years

General reputation in the region

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Neighborhood references

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Township permits/complaints

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Always with no complaints

Proof of insurance

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PA Consumer Protection Act Registration

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Yes (#033001)

Use of subcontractors

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Manufacturer certified craftsmen

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Workmanship guarantees

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Breadth of services and products

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General business conduct

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Ethical and efficient

Deposits before work starts

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Commensurate with job

Proposal comparisons

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A contractor's experience translates directly into the quality and reliability of the job at hand.  Light experience means that a contractor simply could not have seen all the situations that arise when installing siding or capping or windows or doors or other important aspects of your home. Civitella Contracting Co., Inc has been in the exterior remodeling business since 1957 and have completed thousands of jobs in our region to the delight of our customers.  With the experience brings the ability to not only do the job, but to do it right.


Check around.  Ask neighbors about the contractor you are considering.  Get references.  Good name?  Good references?  Good business community citizen?  Stable and Liquid?  Civitella Contracting Co., Inc lives by its reputation.  We don't do heavy advertising.  We don't employ sales people.  Virtually all of our new business comes from satisfied customers either needing additional services, or telling their friend and neighbors about us.


The single most important decision criteria for selecting a contractor may very well be references from satisfied customers.  What better way to test a contractor's capability than with customer testimonials, and even views of their work.  It's human nature not to put your reputation on the line for someone else unless you really believe in them.  The customers of Civitella Contracting Co., Inc really believe in us, the work we do, and the way we stand behind our work.  Please take a look at some of our testimonials on another page of this site.  Also, it's an odds-on bet that your find a neighbor in our reference lists. 

Township Permits/Complaints

Always ensure that the contractor obtains appropriate permits from the township before starting work.  A quick call to your township will quickly surface any groundswell of complaints against a particular contractor, or highlight any violations.  Civitella Contracting Co., Inc always obtains the appropriate permits where required, and we have an excellent reputation with all of the area township offices.

Proof of Insurance

 A scaffold collapses onto your new car.  A sloppy window replacement causes damage to your siding and landscaping.  Materials left around your property at the end of the day causes injury to your neighbor's children.  We never like to think about these instances that cost the homeowner money, nor do we want to think about a homeowner getting sued to no fault of their own, except hiring an uninsured contractor.  Demand that the contractor carry full insurance.  If necessary, ask to see to the certificate of insurance.  Civitella Contracting Co., Inc carries complete insurance coverage which also includes liability and workman's comp.  Accidents do happen, but we take every measure to prevent them and to ensure the homeowner is not financially liable.

PA Home Improvement Consumer Protection Registration

The Home Improvement Consumer Protection Act ("HICPA") was adopted by Pennsylvania's General Assembly in October, 2008, and signed by the Governor as Act 132 of 2008.  The law, which took effect on July 1, 2009 establishes a mandatory registration program for contractors who offer or perform home improvements in Pennsylvania.  The statute also establishes minimum insurance requirements for contractors; requires contractors to provide their registration number in their ads and contracts; establishes required contract terms for home improvement contracts; prohibits unfair business practices; and creates a criminal penalty for home improvement fraud. Civitella Contracting is fully registered with the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania under this Act (#033001), so make absolutely sure that any contractor you may consider is so registered.

Use of Subcontractors

Make sure that the company bidding on your work does not use subcontractors.  This is a widespread practice where the company you think is doing the work actually outsources it to various subcontractors, many/most of whom are not insured, and really have no reputation to maintain.  With Civitella Contracting Co., Inc, you always deal with the company that does the actual work, and we do not make use of subcontractors for any of our services.

Certified Craftsmen

 Take a look around at some of the premiere manufacturers of siding or windows or other exterior products.  When you go to their website, you will note that they maintain lists of only their certified contractors...after all, they want installation services commensurate with the products the make.  Mechanics at Civitella Contracting Co., Inc are manufacturer certified...for example, we are designated by Mastic as an "Elite Contractor" and by Paradigm as a "Diamond Dealer" which is your assurance that we know the materials and how to install same according to manufacturer specs. 

Workmanship Guarantees

Check out the warranty on the products that are being installed by your contractor, and more importantly the contractor's guarantee as to workmanship.  You might see "10 year guarantee on the windows", which might only be the manufacturers guarantee on the material.  This has no value if the window was installed need a workmanship guarantee. Civitella Contracting Co., Inc provides workmanship guarantee on every job we do...over and above the material guarantees offered by the manufacturer.

Breadth of Services

 Ideally, a contractor should be experienced in many aspects of a home's exterior; after all, the various pieces of an Exterior are often related.  Siding almost always implies new capping.  New windows often beg for new shutters.  A leak repair may mean gutter and roof.  And so on.  Avoid getting into a situation where you have to get several contractors, or have to have your contractor hire subcontractors, along with all the finger pointing and complexity of scheduling. Civitella Contracting Co., Inc offers a complete suite of exterior services, with significant experience in each and every component that you might require.

Business Conduct

Check out the contractor's premises.  Check out their offices.  Can you reach them via email?  Is their an office person available? What do their proposals, bills, statements, and other correspondence look like?  Makes sure that the way they run their business is as good as the work that they perform.  Take a look at a Civitella Contracting Co., Inc proposal...every detail included.  We run our business in a professional manner and are a member of the Better Business Bureau.


Be careful in this area.  Very few jobs actually require deposits, and those that do are usually quite significant in size.  When asked for a deposit, always inquire why.  Chances are that the contractor cannot afford to buy the materials without your money in hand.  Make deposits and partial payments only commensurate with the work already performed...for example, if the job will take two months then perhaps a partial payment after the first month is in order assuming the work is done to your satisfaction.

Proposal Comparison

Always perform your due diligence when selecting a contractor, and when obtaining additional proposals, make sure that all are "apples-to-apples" comparisons. Question variations between two quotes in materials, or lack of/excess installation services. Get an explanation. Check some of the routine areas such as trash disposal, and clean up.  Make sure the materials are the same, and industry-leading as well as guaranteed. Once you're satisfied as to multiple proposals, then examine price. Get an explanation for the price difference...with less experienced contractors, they will tend to bid low and end up cutting corners to make a profit. Civitella Contracting Co., Inc provides complete and detailed proposals and is available to explain any differences for you. We are committed to your home's appearance, efficiency, and safety, and never cut corners to win business.